Company "Yarshintorg" developed a system «Connect-24» for wholesale buyers.

Login Connect-24 

With Connect-24 you can:

  • View available products in stock online.
  • Create an up-to-date price list with exact quantity of products available in stock and your individual price offers. By selecting different price list options like "all products", "tyres only" or "wheels only", you can quickly find a product you need, as well as similar products, and save a pice list in any suitable format: Excel, Word, PDF, etc.
  • Reserve any required product on your own. You can place an order by using convenient search field to find items by name, manufacturer or by other parameters of tyres, wheels, batteries, car accessories and other products of our company.
  • Timely receive shipping documents for your order and print invoices, waybills (TORG-12) etc.
  • Control your expenses. In Connect-24 you can create a reconciliation report, which shows your shipping documents and payments for the selected period. You can print or save it in any suitable format: Excel, Word, PDF etc.
  • Upload a list of products from Excel tables directly into your order. If you have a list of products, you can upload it directly into your order by selecting “Order upload from Excel” function. You need to have a list of products with a “Product code” column, which has to correspond to the code in Price list in Connect-24.

To get an access to Connect-24, you can contact our company, or your personal manager, if you are already our customer. You will receive all access parameters and a short instruction how to work with documents and reports in the system. The system is based on 1C: Enterprise, a cutting-edge database development platform, and provides a web-access to the database like to a normal web-site. Reliability of the system and security of your commercial data are ensured by Microsoft and 1C companies.

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