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YST wheels are the result of advanced technologies and commitment to quality, style and driving comfort.

YST Trademark is owned by YST Group, an international group of companies and a leader in automotive wheels market with over 3 million wheels sold annually in North America, Europe, Russia and Asia.

Today, YST alloy wheels are recognized not only by customers around the world, but also by manufacturers thanks to their broad applicability. These wheels come standard from many automotive brands and are suitable for nearly all popular cars. Car warranty will still be valid as these wheels fully comply with the manufacturers’ requirements.

One of the greatest features of YST alloy wheels is their design. The lineup is wide and each model is attractive and has its unique style. We are always at the forefront of automotive design and continuously expand and improve our model range.

YST alloy wheels are so popular thanks to their durability, reliability, wear-resistance and, of course, style. All manufacturing plants are strictly following ISO 9001:2008 international standard and ISO/TS 16949 industrial standard. Each wheel meets CE, TSE and JWL standards.

Quality management system at the plants complies with ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 and ensures reliability and safety of the final product. All our products go through a set of quality checks, including a test for tension, radial runout and dynamic balancing, air tightness, corrosion resistance, structural integrity, microcracks and adhesive properties of paint coatings. All alloy wheels have a 2-year extended warranty.

YST aluminum alloy wheels are produced from high-quality raw materials. Paint coatings are resistant to impacts, corrosion and aggressive road agents. With advanced low-pressure casting technologies combined with international automotive standards, we are able to produce reliable products recognized in over 20 countries.

By implementing innovations, we reduced wheel's weight, while keeping its durability. As a result, a car will have excellent dynamic properties, lower fuel consumption results and minimal CO2 emissions according to the EU Directive for environmental protection.  


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