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SDT is a German brand of steel wheels, which is well-known around the globe since 2009. From the very start, SDT wheels were aiming at European markets, so the lineup of wheel for cars and light-duty trucks includes all sizes for German, Italian and French cars, but with no exception to other brands. These wheels are produced at plants specialising in manufacturing original wheels, which are then delivered to almost every global car maker. The wheels are produced in compliance with TSE, TUV, CE, VIA, JWL and EAC. In 2012 and 2013 new production facilities were launched in China and Malaysia, which became an important milestone in development of the brand.

The main markets for SDT are Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. Since 2015 these wheels are sold in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

All drawings and 3D models of SDT wheels are designed by professional engineers from R&D department located in Europe. During the development stage engineers create a 3D model, which undergoes a range of virtual tests. Only upon passing a complete set of tests, the project is released to production. Development and manufacturing are done with cutting-edge technologies and innovations, taking into account even the tiniest specifics of future usage. The manufacturer is constantly investing into equipment upgrade, staff training, expansion of production capacities and reduction of environmental impact.

A successful in-house innovation is a special anticorrosion primer with polymeric coating. Thanks to a 3-stage processing, SDT wheels are resistant to corrosion and wear and retain the original appearance over a long time.

The production process ends with a range of tests. The European regulations outline obligatory tests for all manufacturers of wheels, which include tensile test, radial runout and dynamic balancing, tightness check, corrosion resistance, structural integrity and paint coat tests. Additionally, wheels undergo rim strength test under load and increased pressure.

Each SDT wheel is delivered with a manual and marking containing all necessary information for the end user. Customer-ready wheels are packed into solid carton, which protects them from damage.

European quality and safety standards and reliability – this is what makes SDT wheels a market leader.


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