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Buffalo are alloy wheels designed for powerful off-road vehicles, SUVs and pickups. Drivers of large AWD cars love them because they are durable, heavy-duty and resistant to mechanical impact. Strength and solid look are the essential parts of their identity. The design of each wheel incorporates a distinctive American style and proves the invincibility of your off-roader.

The design and sizes of Buffalo wheels have their focus on the US market and follow tuning trends of SUVs. We specialize in making wheels for premium cars like Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F-Series, GMC Sierra, Hummer H2, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Tundra and others, and also wheels for tuning quad bikes and buggies manufactured by BRP, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris and others.

Buffalo lineup counts more than 30 models with sizes from R14 to R24, and from 5.5 to 12 inches in width, and includes all possible wheel offsets. Matte and chrome finishing, which is popular in the US, is widely used in Buffalo model range.

Buffalo wheels are manufactured with innovative and advanced technologies under control of our experienced engineers. The quality level of these wheels complies with the highest international quality standards: we manufacture each wheel with a unique low-pressure casting technology in accordance with TUV, VIA, CE, TSE, JWL standards. We are extremely meticulous, when it comes to the quality of aluminum alloy used for production of our wheels. Thanks to the specially developed alloy composition and heat-treated casting, Buffalo wheels have great durability and strength.

High-quality powder paints used in the painting process protect wheels from corrosion and chemical damage. Paint application on metal surfaces is done on a conveyor line with electromagnetic field, which eliminated human error and a chance of defects. Before a wheel is painted, it goes through several stages of chemical treatment, which ensures great paint quality of the final product. The finished wheels are milled and polished on CNC machines with a preset program. The final processing involves application of a fixative clear coat, which makes a wheel remarkably glossy and perfect looking. The warranty period on paint coat is 2 years.


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