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Harp alloy wheels represent elegance, sophisticated style and unrivaled quality. These wheels are designed for premium SUVs and business-class sedans. Their look will be a perfect match to your car’s luxurious exterior.

Sizes of Harp wheels are designed specifically for such prestigious brands as Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Hummer, Infiniti, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and others.

There are 3 main principles at the heart of Harp wheels brand:

1. High-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. In our research lab, we have created a new alloy, which is both stronger and lighter. This makes Harp wheels reliable and durable.

 Wheels are manufactured with low-pressure casting technology. The manufacturing process is fully automated: casting machines are equipped with digital systems, which protect castings from external and internal defects. When casted, Harp wheels are tempered and artificially aged with the latest technology, which makes them stronger and improves load-carrying performance by 20%.

2. Luxurious design. Each Harp wheel is a game changer in car tuning. Today, model range of the brand features both popular and rare sizes. Each model has several colors with various finishes. Harp wheels are premium accessories, which will make your car look even more stylish and attractive.

3. Total quality control. Harp wheels are manufactured according to VIA, TUV, CE, TSE, JWL standards. Before wheels are shipped to customers, they go through a range of tests and checks for quality and safety compliance. Tests under extreme loads make it possible to detect internal alloy defects and small surface imperfections.

Each wheel is hand-packed in branded packaging with several protection levels and trademarks. Decorative elements of each wheel have additional protective stickers, while wheels are wrapped in tight plastic film. Thanks to such care, customers always receive intact and fully functional Harp wheels. Inside the package our customers will also find care and maintenance manuals, regulating documentation and warranty certificate. By purchasing Harp wheels anywhere in the world, all our clients get a 5-year warranty.


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