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X-Race alloy wheels are the combination of cutting-edge technologies, high quality and attractive style.

Designers had reviewed and tested thousands of mockups, before they found the best ones. With various styles, ranging from classic to sport, and popular wheel sizes from R13 to R20, X-Race wheels are the best choice for nearly any car.

X-Race alloy wheels are certified in Europe, North America, Russia and Asia with over 1 million worldwide sales annually.

X-Race alloy wheels are produced at 2 plants in China. All production shops are robotized and conform to the latest requirements in automotive industry. In our production, we use only high-quality raw materials with all processes supervised by  engineers of factory. Quality management system complies with ISO9001 international standard and ensures high quality of the final product. Each wheel is checked for compliance with the Russian and European standards. 

Quality checks of finished wheels include a set of obligatory tests:

  • test for tension,

  • test for radial runout and dynamic balancing,

  • test for air tightness and corrosion resistance,

  • diagnostics for structural integrity and micro cracks,

  • chromatic control and evaluation of paint coat adhesive properties. 

X-Race are state-of-the-art in both style and engineering. Attractive look and affordable price – this is what makes these wheels popular all around the world. 


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